HI THERE, I'm lauren

Hey, what's up, hello!!!

I won't bore you with my photography origin story - I'll tell ya all about it when we meet up for drinks.

What I will tell you is that I have the best fucking job in the world. I get to show couples just how cool, badass and hot as fuck they really are by capturing their truest selves at their epic destination wedding, intimate adventure elopement or steamy couples session.

I am originally from Indiana and have lived in Orlando, Palm Beach, NYC and Chicago so far!! I am currently living on the West Coast, SoCal to be specific. My travel calendar is always filled with adventures and I love exploring new places. Planning a destination wedding in the desert?? I'm your girl. Eloping in Central Park followed by dinner with friends? I'm your girl. Hosting an intimate wedding on a private island in international waters? Holy shit, I'm your fucking girl.

My previous jobs working at Disney, in luxury hotels and customer service have taught me that experience goes above all else. My passion for creating and making people happy has drawn me to make photography my "all the time" gig.

Its' cool as hell.

a storyteller for the rebellious + bold

wedding + elopement photography info

rebellious + bold
badass + fearless
rule breaker + ass shaker

MY APPROACH + what to expect


With so many talented photographers out there, you are bound to get overwhelmed with all the options and decision making on top of planning a wedding. Everyone can learn to use a camera but when it comes down to it, it's the experience you will remember to go along with kickass photos.

I won't try to convince you that I am the best option for you. If you've made it this far, then something about what I can do for you must be resonating (and you've made it past my profanities).

What I will say is that my work, experience and passion for photography is unique. Unmatched.  Unhinged. All consuming. My style of doing things - life, business, photography, relationships - is far from cookie cutter.

I believe in coloring outside the lines, fucking shit up and living life boldly.

I don't do this job for the gram. I do it for couples like yourselves who want to celebrate their passion for each other and the life they have created together, no matter what that might look like. I give a fuck about you and am here to help you tell your story. You aren't just a date on my calendar.

I'm the photographer for fearless, adventurous, badass, bold people who aren't afraid of getting down and dirty. Because you only live once. So let's chug the champagne, get the dress dirty, jump in the pool, slap some asses and be our true, authentic selves.