Paige + Mavryk | Pfeiffer Beach Couples Session

couples sessions

Pfeiffer Beach in Northern California is by far one of the coolest places to have an adventure, even on an overcast day. Paige + Mavryk were absolute super stars in front of the camera, complete naturals! Paige is also a wedding photographer so it was fun to work with someone who wasn’t afraid to get comfortable haha. Paige + Mavryk were game for pretty much anything, including climbing on wet rocks into this cool cave with water splashing all around them! I called it our “Little Mermaid” moment. No white pants were harmed in the making of these photo.

A few tips for shoots/sessions in more secluded areas!

  • Before you leave an area that has cell service, start your map/gps to your final destination. You may lost service but your maps should keep going. Screenshot the directions previews just in case!

    • also have a spotify playlist downloaded in case you lose service so you can still jam out during your session!

  • Come prepared with a little cash for state park entry fees. Some charge, some don’t! But you don’t want to make it all the way there and not be able to park.

  • Bring a towel of some kind in your bag or leave it in your car for when you get back. Odds are, you’ll be taking your shoes off at some point and will want to wipe your feet before putting your shoes back on!

  • Pack a small flashlight so you can find your way back after the sun goes down. Sometimes phone flashlights aren’t enough if trails aren’t lit up!

  • If you plan on an outfit change, be prepared to put those high school locker room changing skills to the test! Flowy dresses are easy to throw over your head and take other pieces of clothing off and vice versa if a restroom or covered changing are isn’t available.

  • always have snacks (my #1 tip for everything tbh)

Hair and Makeup: Meghan Daul – Kauai Wedding Hair & Makeup