Destination Oregon Coast Elopement

Kelly and Ben’s destination Oregon Coast elopement gave me a chance to go back to one of my favorite places – the PNW. Although I’m based in San Diego, I love a good excuse to capture a destination wedding in Oregon! Their elopement was beautiful, simple, and so them… AKA: everything I could ask for out of an LLC couple. I can’t wait to share photos from our little coastal adventure!

Kelly + Ben’s destination Oregon Coast elopement

Like I said, your girl loves the Oregon Coast with all of her heart and soul. As a destination wedding and elopement photographer, there’s actually not many places that I don’t love. Wherever your love takes you, I’m just a flight away! 

When a good friend of Kelly & Ben’s referred me to them, I was over the moon. They were originally going to book a couples session, and then said “Fuck it” and decided to elope instead. How badass is that??? This is a reminder that your wedding or elopement does NOT have to be elaborate to be special. It could just be you & your partner (or you two and some friends!!!) exchanging vows in a gorgeous location with nature as your backdrop. Of course, if you wanna go all out and have something wild like a destination wedding weekend in Belize (like these two did), I won’t be mad at it, either. Actually, both are equally up my alley, thank you very much. 

ANYWAYS! Back to the happy couple! They’re both quite outdoorsy, being that Kelly is a science teacher and a backpacking guide in Oregon. She’s one of those absolutely insane people who surf on the Oregon Coast in the WINTER when the waves are especially wild. When I heard that, I learned everything about Kelly that I needed to know. They wanted to elope in a way that authentically reflected who they are as a couple, and what they value most. Adventuring and exploring are a huge part of their relationship, so we headed to the coast to capture their wild side! 

A one-of-a-kind elopement for a one-of-a-kind couple

Everything about this Oregon Coast elopement was untraditional and I’m HERE for it. Kelly and Ben decided to make things extra special and stay at an Airbnb on the coast for a week, even though they live in Oregon. To any couples eloping in their home state/town: MAKE IT SPECIAL! I literally do not care if you live 5 minutes from your elopement destination. Book a fancy shmancy hotel, book an Airbnb, do something to commemorate this special little time. It will be so worth it, and when you look back on your elopement you’ll remember all the time you carved out to make it especially memorable. 

Kelly already had a location in mind that she really wanted for their elopement, and I was all for it! Privacy was super important to them, so they wanted a secluded spot where they could say their vows and run around like no one was watching. If you ever need help finding an epic location, I will always put my expertise to work and scout the absolute perfect one for you and your boo! Or, if you already have one in mind, I’ll do extensive research to find out what the best photo ops are, weather conditions, and if there are any rules & regulations we need to be aware of.  

On the day of their elopement, we met up together on the foggiest, moodiest, classic PNW day we could have imagined. They exchanged the sweetest vows with the sound of waves crashing behind them and one of the epic OC bridges in the background. They utilized the rocky coastline as a place to have their mini ceremony and it literally could not have been more perfect. After they said “I do,” we frolicked around for their portraits and then headed to a nearby sandy beach for their post-elopement picnic. They popped a bottle of champagne (another LLC favorite) and snacked on their charcuterie until it got dark. I left them to finish their evening together alone as newlyweds, sitting on the beach reminiscing on the best day of their lives. Over the holidays, they jetted off to Norway for what I’m sure was the best honeymoon ever!

PS – if you’re going to Norway on your honeymoon, TAKE ME WITH YOU. 

Who’s ready to elope on the Oregon Coast?! 

Whether you have your sights set on the Oregon Coast or any other destination, LET’S DO IT! To get in touch with me about photographing your elopement, you can fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime, you’re definitely gonna wanna check out my Destination Wedding Planning Guide for the best tips & tricks for planning your day!