Downtown San Diego Engagement Photos


Okay – these downtown San Diego engagement photos might be some of my favorites to date!! of course, it helped that Becky and Marco were the COOLEST people to work with. They really prioritized getting the most epic photos during this phase of their relationship. Keep scrolling to see our adventures around San Diego!

B & M’s San Diego engagement session

Becky asked me about shooting their engagement photos the day they got engaged, which made my heart so freaking happy. She and Marco had been dating for a few years (and have literally the cutest french bulldog together) living in Sonoma, California. When they got engaged in October, Becky knew she wanted to take their photos where she used to live – in San Diego! Since SD is my domain, I was so stoked to help her plan the engagement session of her dreams here. Not more than a month later, her vision came to life!

The vision for their photos

Becky came to me with a specific vision for their San Diego engagement photos, and that vibe did NOT disappoint. When she showed me their Pinterest board filled with inspiration for what she wanted their session to look like, I immediately got to work. We collaborated to find the perfect locations that fit the vibe, but ultimately they trusted me to find the right spots for them. Wanna know the number one tip for getting your dream engagement photos? Trust. Your. Photographer. We know what the fuck we’re doing!

Another thing I loved about Becky and Marco was that although they had a specific vision, they were open-minded about how the photos would turn out. No session is exactly the same (no matter how hard you try and replicate it), so it’s important to use your inspiration as exactly that; inspiration. And I would go as far as to say their photos came out even better than the inspo!

Gaslamp Quarter engagement photos in San Diego

Marco and Becky had 2 different dressed-up looks for their session and really wanted those super fun paparazzi shots… WHICH IS MY JAM. We started on the rooftop of a parking garage overlooking the ocean (if you wanna know where you’ll have to book a shoot with me!) with some champagne and a whole lotta SPICE. Immediately when we started shooting, I knew we were gonna have the best time. Their attitude towards taking photos was so perfect – AKA they were down for anything I suggested while staying very natural with each other. They just kept being their cute selves and interacting like they would if the camera wasn’t there. The longer we took photos, the better they turned out!

Once the sun set and golden hour was over, we headed to a bar in the Gaslamp Quarter for drinks. We got those epic paparazzi shots while roaming around downtown San Diego and Becky’s veil was a paid actor. For her first outfit, she wore the cutest white blazer dress with some white heels to match. She looked so chic and well, like an ACTUAL model the whole time. Pinch me, my couples’ sense of fashion is top freakin’ tier.

For her second outfit at the bar, she kicked it up a notch and wore the most gorgeous white silky-satin dress that was MADE for her. The bar we went to had major old-school vibes that made the dress really pop in the flash photos we took. Becky and Marco weren’t afraid to get spicy and steamy toward the end of their session and let me tell you, they brought the HEAT. I’ll let you see for yourselves!

Ready to take your San Diego engagement photos?

LET’S DO IT! To hit me up, fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to ya as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out my San Diego Engagement Session Location blog to start planning! And for now, enjoy the full view of Becky and Marco’s engagement sesh – I actually can’t wait to see what magic we create for their wedding in 2023!

San Diego engagement session downtown
San Diego engagement session downtown
San Diego engagement session downtown
San Diego engagement session downtown
San Diego engagement session downtown
San Diego engagement session downtown