Hey, what’s up, hello!

I’m the Lauren behind Lauren Lucile Creative and I am so happy you are here!

I love exploring this weird, creative world and learning new things every day. After studying hospitality at Purdue University, I discovered my passion for people & making them happy in some sort of way. From working at DisneyWorld, to providing exceptional service at a luxury hotel in Palm Beach to moving to NYC to try to *find myself*, it has been a journey. Once I hit the Big Apple, I had that AH-HA moment & haven’t stopped ever since.

I love working with genuinely great people, unique + adventurous couples, exciting brands and carefully curated experiences. I’m a huge fan of being bold, bright and coloring outside the lines. Why be normal when it’s much more fun to just be you!

Let’s get a few things straight before we become best friends:

  • like most entrepreneurs, I run solely off of coffee (+ the occasional craft cocktail/beer)

  • i have 2 furry assistants that make working from home veryyyy difficult, Mr. Darcy + Meeko

  • my music taste ranges from Broadway showtunes to the twangiest of country to some interesting rap selections (I take great pride in my playlist curation for every mood)

  • i am fascinated by true crime (i’m usually listening to some sort of creepy podcast when i edit heehee)

  • book nerd, theater geek, fitness amateur, cooking enthusiast, sun in Aries, moon in Leo, Gryffindor, 90s baby

Starting Fall 2019, I will be relocating back to my hometown of Lafayette, IN until the next adventure calls me! Catch me while supplies last!

I am a restless traveler and will HAPPILY go LITERALLY anywhere to plan your party, take your photos or work behind the scenes of your business. South Florida, West Coast, NYC, Midwest and beyond!


Recent happy LLC clients: