Stress Free Travel Tips

My best tips for stress free travel as a destination wedding photographer!

I have been fortunate enough to continue traveling safely the last few years as a destination wedding photographer and I thought I’d share my best tips for stress free travel! It’s no secret that world travel is on everyone’s minds after the last few years of having to limit our wanderlust. So pack your bags!

stress free travel tips, a couple in swim suits walk along the edge of a pool with a cliffside full of italian villas in the background

  1. Copy all your flight, hotel, rental car and activity info into a Google Doc – download the Google Doc app to your phone and make your Itinerary available offline (click the three dots on the top right of the doc) so you can access all your confirmation numbers, etc…even if you don’t have service or wifi! You can also screenshot this itinerary just incase! This is especially helpful when traveling in remote locations.
  2. If you don’t already have a portable phone charger, this is your sign to get one asap. Between using maps, trying to connect to wifi and taking cute travel pics and videos, your phone is bound to lose juice. You might be out exploring or hiking all day so a portable charge is essential. As an elopement photographer, this has come in handy on more than one occasion for me and my couples!
  3. Pack a travel day care kit – this looks different for everyone but here is what is in mine! I always have these packed in my personal item to access on the plane for a lengthy travel day.
    • Reusable water bottle and Liquid IV packets
    • cleansing face wipes and hydrating moisturizer
    • easy to eat snacks – my favs are Bobo’s oatmeal bites, pretzels and single serve hummus
    • Kindle with books downloaded – I also download a few podcast episodes and tv shows to access them offline
    • change of clothes – if I can fit them in my personal item, I like to have a set of clothes to change into after a long day of travel (or incase my suitcase doesn’t make it)
  1. Use compression cubes to pack your clothes – these are great to safe space and organize your outfits! Bonus tip: bring an empty cube or bag for your dirty laundry to keep it separate in your suitcase. Link to: My favorite packing cubes.
  2. Be kind to customer service, guest relations, serving staff, transportation operators and anyone else involved in your travel. Their jobs are often thankless and difficult, especially if you’re in an area that is heavy on tourism. They deal with people all day everyday and a little kindness goes a long way. You may just meet someone who gives you a restaurant recommendation or a suggestion for how to access a better beach. You never know!

BONUS TIP! Stay calm and let go of what you cannot control. There are more people traveling now more than ever before, places can be crowded, unexpected delays and cancellations could happen. It’s best to do what you can to make a situation better and manage expectations in order to have the best time!