The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Las Vegas Elopement

So you’re planning a Las Vegas elopement, but don’t want it to be traditional or stereotypical. Long gone are the days where eloping has to mean running off and getting married in Vegas last minute… Instead, you can take the time to really plan out how exactly you want to elope with your partner. To help you out a bit, here are all my tips for planning a Las Vegas elopement!

You’re eloping in Las Vegas?! 

Let’s pop a fucking bottle of champage. Not only is Las Vegas one of my favorite elopement spots, but there are so many creative ways to make your elopement totally your own. Before you do anything, think about what you want out of your elopement. Do you want to party all night long until the sun comes up? Or do you want to have brunch, hang out at the pool, and then go to a show? The options are endless in Vegas, but be sure to prioritize what’s important to you and your partner. 

Setting a budget for your Las Vegas elopement

I know that setting a budget sounds boring, but trust me, it’s an important part of the process, okay? We’ve gotta be clear on how much you and your boo want to spend. There’s lots of fun things to do in Vegas, and the expenses can add up prettyyyy quickly. Sit down, have a cocktail, and talk money with your partner before you start making decisions. This will make for the smoothest wedding planning process, I promise. 

Book your photographer ASAP

I know that as a Las Vegas elopement photographer, I’m a little biased on this one. But I also know that I’m right. Having a photographer with you that knows what they’re doing, who you vibe with, and who will deliver high quality photos is a must.  Whether you’ve come across this blog post from Google, Pinterest, or Instagram, I recommend that you check out what the Lauren Lucile Creative Experience looks like for you and your partner. I don’t fuck around when it comes to my couples, because I feel like you deserve the world on your elopement day. 

I work with my couples to create an experience that you’ll love, no matter what that looks like. Whether you have no idea where to start or already have some ideas, we’ll work together to make sure your elopement is everything you love, and nothing you don’t. 

When do you want to elope in Las Vegas?

As I’m sure you know, Las Vegas is in the desert. Which means it gets real hot in the summer, and real cold in the winter. If you’re planning a Las Vegas elopement and don’t want to bake or freeze to death, you should probably do so between the months of March – May or September – November. Plus, you’ll probably want to avoid being there when all the tourists are visiting in the summer. 

The best Las Vegas elopement locations

Let’s get to the fun part – where you should elope in Las Vegas. There are so many epic elopement locations to choose from, and we’ll be talking about a few of them. 


Ceasar’s Palace

Ceasar’s Palace has multiple venue spaces on site, so you’ve got lots to choose from. Although their indoor venues are pretty cool, I think their outdoor spaces are really where they shine. For example, the Venus Garden is surrounded by beautiful blooming floral landscapes and Roman-inspired architecture. Or if you want to get married right on the strip, the Bella Lucce is a stunning outdoor gazebo with views of all the Vegas lights! 

Paris Las Vegas

Sooo who’s trying to get married surrounded by French vibes in Las Vegas?? This hotel has an intimate, romantic chapel called La Chapelle Champagne that’s for all you modern and sophisticated couples. The clean, neutral color palette with French style accents throughout is so freaking perfect, it makes me want to get married here myself. You can also obviously get married at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or right in front of it! 

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is known for their unique wedding ceremony locations that they have on the same property as the hotel. You can get married on the Mandalay Private Beach, in The Valley of the Falls surrounded by lush foliage and towering columns, or with the sharks at the Shark Reef. All of these sites can accommodate around 50 guests, so even if you’re having guests for your elopement, you’ll have the space for it! 

The Cosmopolitan

If you’re going to have an in-suite elopement with your crew, The Cosmopolitan is the place to do it. You can have your ceremony in one of the Terrace Suites with up to 10 guests, or you can elope in their designated Wedding Suite located on a premium floor that overlooks the Las Vegas skyline. If you’re looking for the casual elegance vibes, this is the place! Even if having an in-suite elopement isn’t your vibe, you can reserve a space in The Chandelier to have fun and party the night away with your boo. 


Red Rock Country Club

Let’s say you want to elope somewhere a little more quiet, but still wanna be close to where the party is. Red Rock Country Club will give you expansive views of the Red Rock Mountains from their outdoor ceremony lawn, and views of Las Vegas from their indoor area. Their Garden Terrace is perfect for intimate weddings, complete with bistro lighting, a wood burning fireplace, and a warm ambiance for days. 

Lotus House Events

The Lotus House is a beautiful mansion located just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of The Strip. You can say your vows in front of a waterfall, right beneath their handcrafted pergola, or even inside the mansion. This isn’t just a stereotypical “wedding warehouse” – it was truly designed for beautiful, modern weddings & elopements in mind. 

Chapel of the Flowers

Of course I had to include a wedding chapel for the lovebirds who want the classic Las Vegas elopement experience. Chapel of the Flowers has a few different options, my favorite one being The Glass Gardens. It’s not your typical chapel ceremony space, instead it’s more of a ‘modern garden party’ situation with glass ceilings and imitation sky lighting. Although for you couples out there wanting a more luxurious vibe, they have the Magnolia Chapel with mosaic marble flooring, oversized crystal chandeliers, and all the glitz and glamor you can imagine. 

Outdoor Locations

Red Rock Canyon

 Red Rock Canyon is just 17 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip, but feels like an entirely different world. Obviously as you can tell by the name, there are countless red rock formations that are unique to the environment and would provide an epic backdrop for your Las Vegas elopement. There are three different locations where you can hold a wedding ceremony at Red Rock, and all of them require you to obtain a Special Use Permit in advance. Be sure to coordinate with your photographer (AKA me) to figure out which location would be best and what time of day you should make a reservation for. 

Valley of Fire

For all your adventurous couples out there, Valley of Fire would be the perfect Las Vegas elopement location for you. There are tons of hiking trails, post-elopement picnic spots, not to mention countless areas to take photos in your wedding attire. You could elope at the top of a rock formation as the sun comes up, and then we can spend the rest of the day wandering around the park together. How fun does that sound?! 

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is known as a “sky island” because of its high elevation and drastic difference in environment from the desert lowlands. You’ve got towering cliffs, narrow canyons, steep hillsides, and views for days. Even if you’re wanting to plan a winter Las Vegas elopement, Mt. Charleston turned into a snowy wonderland during the colder months. 

Book your Las Vegas elopement vendors

Once you’ve decided on where to want to elope in Las Vegas, it’s time to book the rest of your vendors!! Depending on how many guests you’re having (if any at all), you might need:

  • An elopement planner
  • A florist
  • A hair & makeup artist
  • An elopement videographer 
  • A caterer/baker

When you book me, you’ll receive my exclusive list of recommended vendors that I have personally worked with! Trust me, I’ve been around the block and have connected with some crazy amazing talented wedding vendors. I’ll let you know which ones I recommend based on your personality and the details of your elopement!

How to legally elope in Las Vegas 

We’ve gotta make sure all the legal stuff is taken care of, right? To legally get married in Vegas, you have to obtain a marriage license before having your ceremony. In the state of Nevada, you can get your license and get married the same day, so there’s no official waiting period. You can apply for your license online here, and then pick it up at the Marriage License Bureau in Vegas. There’s a $102 fee, so be prepared to pay that when you show up! You’ll need an officiant for your ceremony as well as at least one witness. 

Sit back, relax, and have fun

You did it!! Now you know exactly how to plan the Las Vegas elopement of your dreams, baby. I know what you’re thinking… how can you get in touch with me to tag along?! You can fill out my contact form here on my website and I’ll get back to ya as soon as I can. In the meantime, let’s be friends on Instagram where I love sharing my work as well as photos of my cats. Hope to see you over there 😉